About Syrese Smalt

Syrese Smalt is the writing duo of Ann Bell Feinstein and Judy L Mohr. Both are writers within their own right, with works of their own, but when they came together, it was only natural that their stories would be filled with action and fantastical themes.

The name Syrese Smalt started as the pen name for the Rainbow Squad series, a military science fiction for young teens, still under development. Just like the characters in their stories, they needed to develop a pen name that was also based on a color. Smalt is the name given to Cobalt glass when ground into a pigment — a deep blue. Meanwhile, Syrese is actually Cerise (a vivid reddish pink), but with letters replaced from the combined names of Judy and her son, Anthony. Why did they do this? Because they could.

If we were to turn Syrese Smalt into a fictional character, her birthday would be August 14, 1988, the mid-point between Judy's and her son's birthdays.

You can follow the colorful adventures of Syrese on Twitter or Facebook. You might even meet a few of her characters here on her blog.

Syrese Smalt