About Coby Cobalt

Tobias "Coby" Cobalt

Tobias "Coby" Cobalt... Well...

Coby may not be the main character in the Rainbow Squad series, but he's no less important. If it wasn't for Coby, the Rainbow Squad would be stuck using conventional modes of transport and low-grade technology. Coby was the one to develop the technology behind the Spectral Portal.

But Coby is not just a fictional character. The real Coby Cobalt is Anthony Hovens, the son of Judy L Mohr (one half of Syrese Smalt). He's a teenage science geek, obsessed with all things science and computers. And he's from New Zealand, just like Coby.

If you want to find out about the science behind the Syrese Smalt stories, hop on over to Coby's scientific thoughts found here.