Easter is exactly when it should be…

Every year, I hear someone complaining about how Easter is too late, or Easter is too early. And the number of people that complain about how Easter can’t seem to have a fixed date… Every year, I respond to these complaints in the same fashion.

“You do know how Easter is calculated, don’t you?”

The blank stares are borderline hilarious.

Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.

(Okay, the Spring Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere.) It’s a simple calculation really, or at least one would assume so, until they discover the truth behind the equation. While the description appears to be one based on astronomical events, it’s really not.

An equinox is the time of year when we have the same number of daylight hours that we do nighttime hours. However, the astronomical equinox can vary from the recognized date by up to two days every year. Notice I said recognized date. The equinox is nominally considered to be March 20th; however, for countries such as New Zealand, this date is actually the date before the astronomical equinox. For American Samoa, it’s the date after.

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A Rainbow of Meanings

Different cultures view colors in different ways. Let’s face it, the world is filled with a rainbow of ideas.


If you’re in North America, red is often a warning sign, a stop sign or the sign of spicy food. In Latin American, it’s a sign of death. You won’t find a red car in Brazil, they’re illegal. In China, traditional wedding dresses are red as the color is said to bring good luck. Wander over to India and red is a sign of birth and fertility; it’s also the color of hair died with henna.Read More…

What do you mean gray doesn’t exist?

The world is not just black and white; there is a variety of shades of gray in-between. Or so they say. Cinematographers have used this theme for years, filming in black and white or muted colors, showing the bright colors only when something hopeful is worth seeing. But the phrase and all its implications has got me thinking. Is the color gray a color at all?

Well, the answer is no. Neither is black or white for that matter. For something to be classified a color, it needs to have a wavelength associated with it. In layman’s terms, if light passes through a prism, the color you put in is the color you get out.Read More…

The Colors of Christmas

All around me, the world is filled with colors and it brings a little cheer into my heart because of it. Whether the colors are found in nature or man-made, everyone should take the time to admire the beauty around us at this special time of year.

Here are a few photos filled with Christmas colors.

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